The Old Testament Template: Part 3, Introduction

If We Are Going To Disciple All Nations

The rebuilding of our Christian minds will take time, effort, and the conviction that we cannot fulfill His vision without it. As I finish writing this volume, I go on to study government from Genesis to Revelation. I pray you are already preparing for what you will apply your own study to. In this third section I would like to move beyond the domains to other areas of thinking that need to be “reformed.” This is not an exhaustive list, but these are the reoccurring needs I see in a decade of teaching this material.

If we are to “finish the task” of reaching and teaching all nations, we are going to need a bigger picture of who Christ is. Today we love Him. The first apostles were stunned by Him. We are going to need God to change our concept and definition of nations to His. Otherwise we will fight for the “traditions of men” rather than the will of God. We must become aware of the ever-present dangers that accompany any power. The Kingdom strategy is always a servant strategy. We will have to embrace, and even love and seek, radical change as a lifestyle.

Welcome to the 21st Century!