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Connect – Connect is called to equip, activate, and launch people to effectively Disciple Nations.


Global Opportunities – Empowering Tentmakers to Reach the World


A Call To Business

A Call to Business is a growing community of business people who believe that God has called them into business not simply to work, but to influence and change the very environment of business in general and the City in particular, and to see many people come to faith in Jesus. Website:

Business as Mission

IBAM Training was established to meet the demand for education and equipping within the growing business as mission movement. Website:
Public Square Foundation
Facilitate and inspire a community of skilled leaders of integrity whoprovide cutting edge ideas and solutions to the nations of Africa. Theorganisation is exploring a Christian ethos with an open mind andattitude to other issues.Website:
IDI Sustainable Communities
… Transforming lives through CreationIDI is the community development arm of Boltcutters Ministries International, working to end poverty, eliminate diseases, create shelter, and provide education as a holistic Christian community development ministry to people and their communities around the world.Website: www.idisustainablecommunities.orgWorking with individuals, communities, and local organizations IDI develops community development strategies – plan for each community – the “local” partners.  To implement this strategy IDI seeks “global” partners from around the world.  These international partners can include individuals, congregations, foundations, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from the faith community.IDI strives to provide an opportunity for the Church, the Body of Christ to realize its responsibility to “our neighbors” by sharing the gospel of Christ through deeds and words that proclaim His majesty and love for all!  IDI seeks partnerships with anyone committed to this simple, but life consuming responsibility of bringing Light to communities where darkness resides.IDI coordinates its activities in four general areas of community development with people and their communities.• Health & Wellness
• Shelter & Environment
• Education
• Economic Opportunity
Green Bench Consulting Pty Ltd
The Green Bench
Change management dealing with change means dealing with people in areas such as: risk, perception, order versus control, big picture, values and creating a safe place. If these areas are not dealt with, change will not happen as people will fight it. Most people are willing to change, they need help to know how to do it and understanding as to why they should.
Strategic Christian Services
Strategic Christian Services is pleased to announce the launch of our new website designed to stimulate a fresh discussion on the underlying presuppositions and ethics which will affect the futures of individuals, families, communities and nations. This site includes current event analysis, public policy debates, audio, and video posts. It also includes regular podcasts from Dennis Peacocke, Lakita Wright, Adam Peacocke, and more. Christians need to be engaged in dialogue with the society around them, and the issues shaping our culture. Discerning the Times is a useful tool in bridging the gap between those already seeing the Kingdom and others who are seeking answers for the future of our world. We invite you to look. Go to: and
Jubilee 2000, UK
Jubilee Research is part of the Global and National Economics (GNE) programme at New Economics Foundation, London. NEF is a radical “think-and-do” tank, founded in 1986 by the people who led the first Other Economic Summit – a fore-runner to the World Social Forum. Working on the UK and international economies and the environment, it seeks to promote well-being, rights and environmental sustainability, and to resolve tensions between these objectives. It’s ONE team coordinates work on markets and climate change with Jubilee Research’s programme of international financial reform.
The Relationships Foundation, UK
Relationships underpin almost every aspect of our lives. They influence our personal happiness, the efficient working of the economy, the effective delivery of public services and the solidarity of the social fabric.The Relationships Foundation therefore seeks to see the importance of relationships recognized and acted upon at all levels of public life and, by doing so, help create an environment where relationships can flourish.
Professor Prabhu Guptara, Switzerland
Executive Director, Organisational Development, Wolfsberg (a subsidiary of UBS – one of the largest banks in the world). He is also Freeman of the City of London and of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists.
Vishal Mangalwadi, India
International lecturer, social reformer, political columnist, and author of thirteen books.
”Vishal Mangalwadi does today from India what Francis Schaeffer did in the last generation from Switzerland. Vishal helps us shape our Christian mental infrastructure on which we develop our Christian life, walk, and service. Read, understand, and act on what he says…and the world will be a better place as a result.”
~ Loren Cunningham, President, University of the Nations

Cities have historically been engines not only of wealth, but also of social and cultural reform and development. The 20th century saw the rise of nationalism and national and supra-national Organisations. I believe the 21st century belongs to cities, and by linking them together through technology, dialogue, and design, I believe we can promote growth and help Britain recover its historic role as a founder and protector of great cities at home and abroad. My activities in this area include:

  • working with and acting on behalf of different cities around the world to help them develop economically, socially, and culturally
  • working with local groups of leaders to help them collaboratively support their localities and cities in networks and Fora that can bring a spread of skills to bear on local issues, just as many city founders did in the past
  • working to cultivate the next generation of spaces in and between cities that can help create networks, growth opportunities, and social capital using the power of technology, great design, and hospitality

SKAI Ventures