Global Observations

Five Assumptions
Grid Work of RealityOur assumptions lay the grid of reality as we understand and practice it.  We fit the information that we receive through experience and education onto that grid.  We measure the unseen world from that grid and act accordingly.
We have a new President in the U.S.
“If we quote the Bible to defend our rights, we must define and defend the rights the Bible defends.” Quote from the New Book.
We have a new President in the U.S. I stayed glued to the television for many hours. The entire world is focused on this event and if nothing else it has restored international hope in America. Can hope ever be a bad thing?
From Tyranny to Hope
Throughout the biblical history of Israel God used international forces to push the Jewish people towards righteousness and blessing.  God’s covenant with the Jews was for blessing through obedience and, through them, blessing for all nations on earth.  But when God’s chosen people strayed far from their promised commitment and threatened their own destruction, God used other nations to bring course correction.