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LANDA COPE (Founder of The Template Institute):

Landa Cope is the Founding International Dean of the College of Communication for Youth With A Mission’s University of the Nations. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Education and a Master’s degree in Humanities and International Studies.  Since joining Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in 1971, her public speaking and work in missions have taken her to more than 110 nations.  Landa has lived and worked in North Africa, the Pacific and Europe. She spent eight years developing and launching the communications and fundraising work of Mercy Ships International, serving as the Communications Officer.  In 1984, Landa moved to Kona, Hawaii where she founded the International College of Communication, one of seven colleges in the UofN.  Students are trained in interactive media, digital communication, video, film, photography, graphics, illustration, marketing, radio, writing, journalism and developing mass media. Graduates have been placed in some of the highest-ranking communication businesses in the industry internationally. The College of Communication has locations in Australia, North America, South America, Europe and Africa.  Landa Cope is in high demand around the world to speak to religious, political, business and professional leaders on the subject of what scripture teaches us practically about discipling nations. She is the author of “Clearly Communicating Christ”, a book about Jesus-style communication and “The Old Testament Template.” and “God, the Bible and Political Justice”. Landa currently lives in South Africa, and is writing her fourth book about God and economics.  In 2005 Landa founded The Template Institute committed to providing seminars and materials for the development of Biblical thinking in the professions as well as a comprehensive Biblical approach to issues in the public forum.  She currently serves as the Founder and Executive Director of TTI. Leah Broomfield was appointed as the new Director of TTI in April 2011.


228192_7932101325_3636_n LEAH BROOMFIELD (Director of The Template Institute):

 Leah Broomfield is an ordained minister, originally from Paris, Ontario, Canada.  She has been in full time Christian ministry for 25 years, 22 of which she has served in    Youth With A Mission.  Over the years Leah’s missions work has led her to more than 50 countries, where she has ministered and taught God’s word.  She has a passion to see  this generation know the Bible and know how to live out God’s values in every-day life so that nations are impacted and changed.

Leah now lives in West Sussex, England.  She is the current Director of The Template Institute; a ministry of Youth With A Mission that was founded by Landa Cope in 2005.   She continues to lead seminars and events to better train and equip leaders in the body of Christ to be more effective in their vocations.   She is dedicated to teaching others about the spheres of society and the Kingdom of God, so that they bear more kingdom fruit in the countries in which they live.

                                                TOPICS OF TEACHING:




ERIN PENNINGTON (Elder with The Template Institute):

Erin Pennington is from the USA, residing in Redmond, Oregon. She did her DTS in 1991 and then joined YWAM/UofN in 1992. She has 26 years of cross-cultural experience with a focus in teaching, training and debriefing. She started her YWAM/UofN journey in Kona, Hawaii then spent two years in Stonewall, Colorado, 7 years in Burtigny, Switzerland and 9 years in Cape Town, South Africa. Most often asked to speak on the Word of God and applying it to our life and times, Erin is known for leading the student to deeper understanding of their ability to seek and understand the Word.  Erin also serves as a resource teacher, seminar leader and elder with the Template Institute.


                                                 • Old Testament Template / Sphere of Society
                                                 • Basic Critical Thinking
                                                 • Engaging God in His Word
                                                 • Books of the bible (SBS)
                                                 • Great divide / Secular & sacred split
                                                 • How to debrief YWAM/UofN schools
                                                 • Nature & Character of God


 B.A. in Biblical Studies with the University of the Nations.


TTI Resource Staff:


TOVE POULSEN:19388591_10154665373607592_2404449886974235909_o

Tove Kirkebye Poulsen is a native Dane currently living in Denmark with 25 years of cross-cultural experience. She is an international speaker and has traveled in more than 50 nations. Tove has served as a missionary with Youth With A Mission since 1992. First 12 years with YWAM Denmark then almost 4 years at the Burtignycentre outside Geneva, Switzerland followed by 10 years serving in leadership with YWAM Sweden and Northern Europe. She is currently serving as Convener of Northern Europe. Her training and work in cross-cultural communications and missions give her access to an international and multicultural audience around the world.


                                                • Discipling nations / Christian Biblical Worldview 

                                                • The 8 spheres / domains of society 

                                                • God@work, God in the marketplace 

                                                • Worldviews

                                                • The “Great Divide” of the Secular / Sacred Split 

                                                • Movie Watching – watching movies with wisdom and insight! / Film Divina 

                                                • Cross-cultural communications etc. 

                                                • Discipleship and Spiritual Formation


 • International AA in Missions from University of the Nations 

 • International BA in Communications Arts from University of the Nations 

 • Currently enrolled in MA studies in Discipleship and Christian Formation
Aleck Cartwright is International Dean of the College of Communication with the University of the Nations. He is a passionate teacher, designer and photographer. Aleck is African and was born in Zimbabwe and has lived and worked as a missionary all over the world. He joined Youth With a Mission in 1996 starting in Cape Town, South Africa. Since then he has lived and worked as a missionary in England, Scotland, Switzerland and Northern Ireland. He currently lives in Northern Ireland with his wife, Donna-Rae and two children, Mya and Micah. As a family they have pioneered Design and Digital Communication Schools all over the world including Nigeria, Scotland, Switzerland, Colombia, India, Thailand, South Africa and Brazil. Aleck oversees the work of many different schools within the UofN including acting, social media, filmmaking, photography, media evangelism, writing, public speaking, print and web design, digital technology and other communication media.

                                                TOPICS OF TEACHING:

                                                • Discipling Nations – domains of society
                                                • Communication (Photography, webdesign, public speaking etc.)
                                                • The Big Story of God (biblical overview from Genesis to Revelation)
                                                • Communication Principles
                                                • Sin, the Cross & Resurrection
                                                • Discipleship and Spiritual Formation
                                                • Embodied Spirituality
                                                • Relationships
                                                • A Theology of Design
                                                • Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, WordPress
                                                • Biblical Worldview
                                                • Communication Principles
                                                • Christology, Humanity and Trinity
                                                • The Incarnation


• International BA in Design from University of the Nations
• Currently completing Masters in Discipleship and Spiritual Formation with the University of the Nations

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Roberto Agosta picROBERTO AGOSTA:
Roberto Agosta, was born in Lugano, Switzerland. He trained in business administration, worked in banking for 4 years in Lugano, and Zurich. After a short time in banking he                       realized that his passion and calling were more for building lasting change in developing countries through training and community work. He took a 6 to do a DTS in South
Africa, which changed his life forever and followed his calling ministering in Africa for the following 12 years. His work consisted in establishing training programs and development projects mainly in South Africa and Mozambique. In 2004 he joined the YWAM Burtigny Base in Switzerland and later served as training director until 2011. He was on staff with the Advanced Principles of Communication (APC) School for 8 years working with Landa Cope as she developed the TTI. Since 2012 he started project for disabled people in developing countries (SwissLeg) now grown to a NGO called SwissLimbs. These projects aim at providing affordable prosthetic  solutions to amputees. SwissLimbs is presently active in the Middle East (Jordan, Syria) and Africa (Tanzania and Uganda). His passion is to see the end of poverty through education and community based projects and social business serving the less fortunate. He enjoys reading and outdoor sports like hiking, skying, cycling and diving. He speaks Italian, French, German, English and Portuguese.

                                                  TOPICS OF TEACHING:

                                                • Biblical studies

                                                • Radical discipleship

                                                • Worldview

                                                • Cross-Cultural communication 

                                                • Discipling nations through the Old Testament Template 


 • UofN with a B.A. in Christian Ministries majoring in Biblical Studies with the University of the Nations

• M.A. in Humanitarian Logistics and Management with the University of Southern Switzerland (USI) in Lugano, Switzerland.



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17879874_10154970337520272_1964868068878221162_oRICHARD LEAKEY:
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