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School of Redemptive History

Dates:  April 15th – July 7th, 2018

Location:  East Asia

Guest Speakers:  Landa Cope will be teaching April 16th – 20th, 2018

For more information go to: https://ywammadison.org/school-of-redemptive-history/






TTI’s ‘Rewire’ Intensive 2018

Join us for the full 6 Week Seminar - TBA

Landa Cope’s Open Week: TBA
Landa Cope has a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Education and a Master’s degree in Humanities and International Studies.  Landa has been a leading voice in the Body of Christ for over 40 years.  She has taught God’s principles to pastors, heads of State, government and business leaders around the world.  She is a master Bible teacher and will help better train you to look at world issues through a Biblical grid.  Join us for Landa’s week and understand more of God’s heart and passion for the areas of government, business, science and family.
Dr. Matt Rawlins Open Week:  TBA
Dr. Matt Rawlins is a passionate educator and a brilliant communicator.  Matt has a Ph.D in Leadership Development and has lectured in many countries.  Currently he is the CEO of Green Bench Consulting.  He specializes in communication and leadership.  During the seminar he will teach various tools to enhance your intrapersonal communication skills.  These tools will increase your awareness of your own thinking patterns and how they affect your communication with other people.  
Location: Coming soon!

Entire 6 Week Seminar Cost: TBA

Landa Cope and Matt Rawlins Open Week Cost: $250 (includes food, housing, local train pick up/drop off if needed and 5 days of teaching)

For more information or to register.  Click here.

Reality Check Seminars - TBA


***These seminars are accredited with the University of the Nations. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Register now!