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Niall Ferguson: The 6 killer apps of prosperity

New Disciple Nations Alliance Books in Spanish
Greetings from the DNA International Secretariat. We are so happy to partner with you in the work of the Kingdom of our Saviour Jesus Christ.We would like to announce that there are now resources available in the spanish language for your use.The following books are available at either the Editorial Jucum website or the Disciple Nations Alliance.Discipulando Naciones, por Darrow Miller con Stan GuthrieSi Jesus Fuese Alcalde, por Bob Moffitt con Karla TeschEl Plan Singular De Dios Para Las Nacione, por Darrow Miller, Bob Moffitt, y Scott AllenLa Cosmovision del Reino de Dios, por Darrow Miller, Bob Moffitt, y Scott AllenEl Reino Inconmovible de Dios, por Darrow Miller, Bob Moffitt, y Scott AllenVida, Trabajo, y Vocacion, por Darrow Miller, con Marit NewtonAlso, we are hoping that Darrow Miller’s book Nurturing the Nations: Reclaiming the Dignity of Woman in Building Healthy Cultures (Spanish working title, La Dignidad de Mujeres) will go to print very soon. 
Transform Nation Agenda
NECF Malaysia’s Watchman Forum VI is out and hopes tobe an agent of the transformation of the Christian mind towards nationbuilding.The book, entitled”Transform Nation Agenda”, contains 10 papers written by 11 Christianthinkers and activists on transforming the marketplace, the church,economics, family, youths, the community, education and even ourpersonal lives.
The Green Bench: A Dialogue About Leadership and Change
Dr. Matt Rawlins is the CEO of Green Bench Consulting Pty Ltd. He is an international consultant
and author of several books, including “The Green Bench”.Matt has a PhD in Learning Organizations with a focus on leadership. For more
information go to Other books by Matt Rawlins:The Green Bench II: Ongoing Dialogue About Leadership and Communication
There’s an Elephant in the Room
The Question
The Namer
The Lottery
Emails From Hell: Evil Schemes to Undermine Leaders
The Container: How Do we Know God’s Presence Is With Us
Rediscovering Reverence, The Path To Intimacy
Life Work
Darrow Miller’s much anticipated LifeWork: A Biblical Theology for What You Do Every Day is almost here!  With the release of this book, we will be launching a website full of resources that will help you grow deeper in your understanding of God’s passion for your vocational calling.Resources will include a chapter-by-chapter study guide, a Bible studythat you can use with your small group or co-workers, and many otherresources. Additionally, this site will serve as a place to link youwith other helpful ministries and connect you with other individualstrying to understand and live out their God-given calling.Darrow gives vision for substantial social and cultural renewal asChristians intentionally function from a Biblical worldview in everydomain of society–as educators, business people, lawyers, medicalworkers, homemakers, artists, or government workers. Dive deep intobiblical thinking that will impact your work, community, and nation!For more information please go to:
Truth and Transformation: A Manifesto for Ailing Nations
We live in times marked by much confusion and apprehension. In this landmark book, international scholar and author Vishal Mangalwadi offers a radical vision for the gospel’s power to heal Western society. With insights drawn from real-life struggles against corruption and years of study, he delves into the ideological roots of social oppression. Reform, he argues, is never without controversy. Yet, reforming a culture’s values is a necessary precursor to lasting liberation and hope.
In-depth analysis of worldviews and cultural trends
Specific information on becoming involved in transforming culture
A fresh, non-Western look at Scripture, especially the New TestamentVishal Mangalwadi (1949-) MA, LLD, is an international lecturer, social reformer, political columnist, and author of thirteen books. Born and raised in India, he studied philosophy at universities, in Hindu ashrams, and at L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland. In 1976 he turned down several job offers in the West to return to India, where he and his wife, Ruth, founded a community to serve the rural poor. Vishal continued his involvement in community development serving at the headquarters of two national political parties, where he worked for the empowerment and liberation of peasants and the lower castes. In demand worldwide, Vishal is a dynamic, engaging speaker who has lectured in 32 countries. He enjoys simplifying complex ideas and inspiring despairing hearts with hope.