The Old Testament Template Book

I am sitting in a small guesthouse in Potchefstroom, South Africa. Last night, and the two nights before, I spoke to a thousand South African university students about the call of God on each of their lives to bless and develop their nation. As I worshiped with them, and it was powerful worship, I was reminded of the summer of 1972 at the Munich Olympics. A thousand young people gathered in a tent just outside the city. We were there for the first-ever Olympic outreach and we were there to change our world. Joy Dawson spoke on “God Is Always Greater.”

From that one outreach and Youth With a Mission’s one base in Lausanne, Switzerland, our mission exploded to over a thousand bases in 150 countries and hundreds of outreaches all over the world with millions of young people involved over the next 33 years. YWAM, OM, Campus Crusade and other Spirit-lead youth missions launched what missiologists now refer to as the third wave of missions. Faithful, amazing God!

Now it is time for the fourth wave! It is time for the largest church in history to become the deepest church in history. Last night, speaking to those South African students, I saw the face of the future. Pray with me for the release of this new generation of world-changers. Pray with me for a global revolution of political and economic justice, revival of the church and explosion of wholeness in individuals and families. Pray with me that God’s glory will be seen – and that every Christian worldwide will follow Saint Francis of Assisi’s admonition to be a witness all day, everyday and, when necessary, use words. God never changes. Pray that we, His people, do.

Landa Lea Cope
Potchefstroom, South Africa

August 17, 2005