“If the gospel is not relevant to the issues of the day, it is not the gospel at all.” Martin Luther

“If the gospel is not relevant to the issues of the day, it is not the gospel at all.”  Martin Luther

The Journey
This book is dedicated to the study of what the Bible has to say about all of life including government, family, the arts, education, science, communication, economics, and the role of the church. We want to rediscover a faith that influences our thinking and actions in every arena of living.

In history, Christians have thought and acted in ways that influenced the communities and nations in which they lived. Much of that influence was positive, affecting things like the development of public education, workers’ rights, economic development, the concept of a free press, help for the victimized and disenfranchised. We believe that this kind of influence is lacking in Christian life today, and we would like to discover why. Martin Luther is noted as having said that a gospel that does not deal with the issues of the day is not the Gospel at all. We want to discover the biblical thinking that will address the issues of the 21st Century in an effective and redemptive way. There is a reason the Christian faith has become weak and ineffectual in dealing with issues of politics, economics, beauty, the family, and daily issues of life. We want to discover what has gone wrong, but more importantly, we want to rediscover the biblical basis that led generations of believers to influence their times.

We are searching, and we invite you to join the search. I have put the challenge of these questions on every continent of the world to presidents, members of cabinets, leaders in politics, business, and church. It seems to be striking a chord of need. In order to facilitate getting the message out and bringing multinational, multicultural thinking and faith to the process, we have begun this work. Our goal is to help bring vital relevant, effective Christian thought and action back into the 21st Century. We are on a journey with more questions than answers; we invite your companionship and contribution.